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O'CERDANYA a new challenge reached by the catalan Orienteering

👤David Farell i Garrigós 🕔20/08/2017

Very few already remember the six days that were organized in Catalonia for decades.

On August 15, the Cerdanya O'CERDANYA 5 Days closed, an event that had more than 2,000 entries in all categories with daily additions to the circuits of Encintat, Initiation, Open 1 and Open 2.

The organizers have been the COC-Orientation Catalonia Club (FCOC), the CCIO-Cerdagne Capcir International Orienteering (FFCO) and the Cote66 (FFCO). Between all three they have been able to join a hundred of partners, friends and relatives that needed to be able to receive so many runners and to carry out all the tasks.

O'CERDANYA has offered the competitors from up to 25 countries the best and best of Pyrenean maps. On August 10, more than 1,000 participants already have the Model Event of Les Bulloses reserved. Successively and without rest, the races took place on the maps of Coll de la Tossa, in La Llagona (LD 11.08), Puig de la Llosa, in Sauto (MD 12.08), Pla de les Forques, in Fontanals (MD 13.08 and LD 14.08) and in La Molina, Alp (MD 15.08).  The hardness of the first stage has been mentioned in Coll de la Llosa. On the 10th he had cooled the atmosphere, whitewashed the hills. The circuits were technically and physically strong, with a large slope and predominance of green on the map. The weather, however, goes better and thus the second stage weather was  more calm and sunny, in the Puig de la Llosa, also on high lands. These two first stages counted for the French championship (CN) and also for the O'Pyrene challenge, knowing that many athletes from both sides of the Pyrenees would come.

 The 3rd and 4th days have been run on the new map of the Pla de les Forques, located at t.m. From Fontanals de Cerdanya. splendid forests of the mountains between La Molina and Queixans. A Medium and a Long races  very attractive, with predominance of techniques based on the reading of the relief. Everyone will remember the views and greenery that this place offers.

Finally, the final stage, the 5th, in La Molina, had the incentive that most of the categories took a chairlift to get to the race Exit and start the descent. A map also new! From forests between ski slopes and with a steep slope. Everything, to finish enjoying the landscapes and the orientation in the Cerdanya region.

 In general, a great effort of the people of SportIdent, supplies, tracing, reception space for accompanied children, Starts and Arrivals, management of all kinds with accommodation, web publishing and two Newsletters, WC rents, tickets for the "navette" to the Bulloses and the cable car, motorhome parking in spaces reserved and cars on forest tracks, preparation of the competition center, and so many and many tasks that, together, moved  to tears. - and it is not exaggerated - to the organizers when they saw that the adventure ended up well.

The awards ceremony highlighted the magnitude of what had been organized. The thunderstorm and the rain of 15 in the afternoon were, in fact, the way in which nature ended the event.

O'CERDANYA has been a year and a half of intense work with the COC in the lead, to give the best for 6 days, initial training included. The truth is that in the last two days after the races there have been numerous congratulations to the maps and the routes, and also for the infrastructure and organizational aspects. Not only was it satisfied to the mayors of the municipalities and the same general director of La Molina, who delivered the awards together to J.M. Dédeu, president of the FCOC, but many participants have uploaded photos and comments to social networks thanking the races and the effort of all. In the final podium of the 5 Days, category DH21, two prominent orientators such as Swedish Karolin Ohlsson (4th in the last world) and Frenchman Lucas Basset, as well as Isia Basset, Nicolas Rio, Loïc Capbern, Vincent Coupat, etc. From home, we emphasize the 7th place of the Ampa Gil-Brotons and the 12th of the Pol Ràfols, both of the COB. Needless to say, the experience has been very celebrated by the members of the three organizing clubs. Everyone focused on their work, the team was able to reach a good end.

We will never say that O'CERDANYA is unrepeatable, but without a doubt that this edition enters the great door of the "little history" of Catalan orientation.

David Farell i Garrigós

August 17, 2017

Race web: http://ocerdanya.clubcoc.cat/cat/

Results: http://ocerdanya.clubcoc.cat/cat/r/

Photographs and videos:  http://ocerdanya.clubcoc.cat/cat/content/Rm90b3M=/Fotos.html